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 How to submit concert dates
Dear friends musicians, agents, organizers, club owners,

The featuring of concerts schedules is a major advantage for you all and therefore, we endeavor to constantly update the flow of announcements (488 concerts programmed at this instant) on a daily basis (7/7).
To best benefit from the superb tool, but also rigid, we ask you to forward your announcement indicating a number of details such as :

  • date
  • hour (we can only display full hour or half, thus 20h45 will be input as 20h30)
  • band : if it is an existing group on the site, sufficient to indicate the name and, eventually, name(s) of guest(s), otherwise we need the full personnel list.
  • venue : we currently have nearly 600 in the base. If not yet existing, mention address ( street, number, postal code, locality), tel, e-mail, website for not current venues. You can use the search tool to find out whether the venue already exists in the database.
  • organization : we link concerts with events and organizers (Jazzlab / LDH/ Audi festival /Jazz Marathon...)
  • miscellaneous indications such as brunch, matinée, benefit concert, presentation of new album are all welcome as well as a short presentation text of the group/project in any of the 3 languages of the site or all. By e-mail, plz, to enable copy /paste.


    Here are the email addresses you can use to send us your informations concerning the jazz scene in Belgium.

    If you want to submit some CONCERT DATES, please use agenda.jazzinbelgium AT (replace the AT by @).

    If you want to submit some OTHER INFOS (musicians bios, band info, media info, updates etc...), please use the new address yourinfo.jazzinbelgium AT (replace the AT by @)

    If you want to submit some ALBUMS to the site, send them by regular mail to :

      Les Lundis d'Hortense asbl
      Chaussée de Louvain, 193a-195
      1210 Bruxelles.
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