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Jazz education in Belgium

Since the '80ies, jazz education has found its place in the educational structures of Belgium. Jazz is now present in several conservatories, with a full curriculum and a diploma available to a new generation of professional musicians.

For beginners, there are some jazz classes in a few music academies.

And besides the public sector, a few private schools are active, too.

Besides the schools, which function on a permanent basis (all year long), several jazz workshops are being organized on a more occasional basis. The information on jazz education is available in two pages :
Conservatories, academies, private schools: the permanent schools
Clinics and workshops
Dworp, Jazz au Vert (Les Lundis d'Hortense), etc...: occasional events lasting a few days.

Furthermore, we are trying to collect informations on jazz books, methods, transcriptions, etc... written by Belgian musicians.

See our Media section -> Publications -> books and sheet music.

Note that the Lundis d'Hortense association has a list of musicians who accept to give private lessons (see the "Lundis d'Hortense" page to contact them).

Finally, take a look at our "Classifieds" page and use the pull-down menu for the sub-categories "Education : offers, search".
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