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Jazz is best consumed live. But, then, it is not always possible to be everywhere or follow such a booming activity as the jazz scene in Belgium.

The next best thing will be to insert an album into your HiFi and enjoy the music in your living room, or in your car, or via a copy on your portable audio player.

The site currently features hundreds of albums (systematic coverage of all Belgian records production since 1996 and some from earlier dates, focusing on albums in which Belgian musicians are leaders or co-leaders).

Each album page provides all the relevant information (dates and place of recording, label info, performing artists, tracks and in some cases also, reviews).

The flourishing production activity (an average of 40-50 albums of Belgian jazz artists released each year !) is a testimony to the dynamism of the Belgian jazz scene.

Recent Releases

Introduces the releases of the last months in which Belgian jazzmen are involved, as leaders or co-leaders.

Entire Collection

Gives you access to all the albums of Belgian jazzmen for which this site has created a specific page.

Record labels

Here you'll find a listing of all the Belgian record labels involved in jazz production, and some more. All details and a catalog of the releases documented on the site.


Some additional infos concerning Belgian jazz records (links, etc...).

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