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About JIB (Jazz in Belgium)

JAZZ IN BELGIUM is the web site (launched in '96 as "") of LES LUNDIS D'HORTENSE, the Belgian association of jazz musicians, created as a promotion tool for the Belgian jazzmen, their activities and productions, and for the Belgian jazz scene in general.

At the beginning there were two enthusiastic voluntaries (Ilan Oz and Michel Herr), who soon became "victims" of the success of the site, released in October 96, seen the ever increasing volume of updates.

Enters Renaud Janson, a visionary, who hosted the site and assisted us in the transformation from artisan handling into more professional methods.
However, the constant increase in handling obliged us to seek a better way of operating.
After countless hours and days of analysis, a project was put up and presented to the board of Lundis d'Hortense, meeting their full approval.

Enters in 2005 Victor Zamouline-Prescott, a conceptor and magician (ex. Jazz Valley, F), who undertook the re-construction of the site, done with exceptional talent coupled with in-depth experience of jazz.

Launched in September 2005, the new web site has now adopted the .com suffix. It is more practical, we do hope enabling us to move into high gear.
The navigation, aside from the familiar topics that are now simpler and more practical to navigate, went through some fine tuning.
The navigation and the introducing texts are trilingual (the contents, however, remain dependent on the providing source with an effort from us).
A new very sophisticated feature is the concerts agenda providing detailed information of all programmed events in Belgium. The tool is also integrated into the musicians and bands pages featuring their upcoming schedules.
It is a tall order to keep it updated.

The site draws a bigger audience than ever.

In March 2007, a series of improvements were introduced into the site by our team :

  • audio samples in the albums pages
  • an improved search tool
  • the possibility to subscribe to a Newsletter
  • several improvements in the user interface : more direct access (1-click) to the concert calendar, festivals, more detailed information in the catalogues of the record labels etc...
Have fun while discovering the innovations.

This site is the result of a teamwork, voluntarism, friendships and hard work.

Special thanks to :

  • Ilan Oz for his huge contribution as a webmaster, and Michel Herr
  • Renaud for his guidance and implication
  • Victor for his unbelievable know-how
  • The musicians who financially contributed by offering their fee on the occasion of the 2004 Jazz Marathon :
      l'Ame des Poètes, Foofango, Slang, qUETZAL, Victor da Costa Trio, @70's, Michel Debrulle solo.
  • The board of Lundis d'Hortense for its support, Manu Hermia who got us out of a dead end and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse for his enthusiastic follow up.
  • Katy and Laurent, at the office of the Lundis d'Hortense
  • Hanan Ahlfeld for the logo
  • Peter Hertmans and Monique Oz for the translations
  • Annemarie and Marta for encoding the data for the concert calendar, now fully taken care of by Thomas Champagne
  • Jos Knaepen, Jacky Lepage and all their colleagues photographers, as well as Yves Budin for his drawings
  • ... and to you, for your regular visits and support

Your Webmaster

The site and you (musicians, organizers, etc...)
The database harbors all that is related to jazz in Belgium. In CONTACTS you will find photographers, journalists, agents, organizers... send us your bios & photo for inclusion.

Your postal address, phone, etc... can remain private (will not display on page). Please, let us know your preferences. Your email address will in any case remain invisible.

Read your biographies, bands, discography and concert schedules to spot any inaccuracy and let us know. You may provide your biographies in three languages (nl, fr, en).

A very sophisticated concerts schedules diary is built into the site. Email your dates for publication to this email address.

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