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JAcuZZi Malmédy (Wallonia)    
Jazz & Blues in't Hofke Oud-Turnhout (Flanders)    
Jazz & Sounds Ghent (Flanders)    
Jazz - Festival Danish Delight Brussels (Ixelles) (Brussels Region)    
Jazz 04 au fil de l'eau Liege (Wallonia)    
Jazz At The Bib Zottegem (Flanders)    
Jazz Brugge Bruges (Flanders) 19 events
Jazz Festival Geraardsbergen Geraardsbergen (Flanders)    
Jazz In Europe Now Brussels (Brussels Region)    
Jazz In't Park Ghent (Flanders)    
Jazz Jette June Brussels (Jette) (Brussels Region) 1 event
Jazz Kuurne Kuurne (Flanders)    
Jazz Middelheim Antwerp (Flanders)    
Jazz Nienof Ninove (Flanders)    
Jazz Ternat Ternat (Flanders)    
Jazz Tervuren Tervuren (Flanders)    
Jazz Zottegem (at the bib) Zottegem (Flanders)    
Jazz aan zee      
Jazz au Broukay Eben-Emael (Wallonia)    
Jazz au Château Theux (Wallonia)    
Jazz in Thals Herentals (Flanders) 2 events
Jazz meets Comedy ‘Zijspoor’ Deinze (Flanders)    
Jazz met Pit Overijse (Flanders)    
Jazz op Scène Malines (Flanders)    
Jazz sur l'Herbe Ghent (Flanders)    
Jazz à Stavelot Stavelot (Wallonia)    
Jazz à Verviers Verviers (Wallonia)    
Jazz à la carte Malines (Flanders)    
Jazz'halo Music Days Torhout (Flanders)    
Jazzathome Malines (Flanders)    
Jazzbattaklang Dendermonde (Flanders)    
Jazzbreak Brussels (Ixelles) (Brussels Region)    
Jazzenede Assenede (Flanders)    
Jazzeux Brussels (Brussels Region)    
Jazzfestival van Dendermonde Dendermonde (Flanders)    
Jazzpuzzle Mouscron (Wallonia)    
Jazzwood Linden (Flanders)    
JustJAZZIt Brussels (Brussels Region)    
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