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Leuven Jazz
Contact information
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Address Rijschoolstraat 4 bus 004
3000 Louvain
Phone +32 (0)16/23 84 27
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Web site Dedicated website
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Leuven Jazz is back!
This spring, the Leuven jazz partners will put a fresh portion of jazz on your menu.

The programme will be divided in two parts:
In March, we will mainly focus on online events, which you can already discover below.
In May, we hope to return - with even more partners on board - to live gigs with an audience. Fingers crossed!

Where to buy?
Online: via the direct link on the event page.
+32 16 300 900
Mon - Fri: 12.00 - 17.00 h (CET)
No ticket is required for the free events.

Ticket info
We do not take back, refund, sell on or exchange sold tickets at the demand of our customers.
We strongly advise you to buy your tickets only through our channels.
The Law of July 30, 2013, applies to all our sales. This implies that regulated forms of reselling tickets (even without profit) are prohibited. The occasional reselling of tickets with profit is also prohibited. Tickets that are bought in violation with this ban are invalid. We reserve the right to block these tickets and refuse its holder access to the event.

Live stream
The free live streams can be accessed directly from the event's webpage.
The paid streaming concerts require a ticket, after which you'll be sent your unique login.
In case of practical questions, you might want to check this page.

There are no upcoming events for this festival.
Click here to look at the past shows of this festival 
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