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B Jazz (Previously International Jazz Contest, Jazz Hoeilaart)
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Muziekmozaïek vzw
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1755 Gooik
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Web site Dedicated website
Now part of the Leuven Jazz Festival, B- Jazz is version 2.0 of the renowned international contest known as ‘Jazz Hoeilaart’.

Jazz Hoeilaart was founded in 1979 by Albert Michiels as part of the annual 'grape festival' in Hoeilaart, with the intention of giving talented young jazzmusicians a chance to perform. Initially only Belgian and Dutch bands participated. Since then the festival has become one of the most renowned international jazz competitions.

Already more than 2 100 bands from more than 50 countries registered since the beginning of this contest.

From 2015 Muziekmozaïek organizes - in collaboration with the cultural center 30CC and OPEK - B-Jazz as part of the Leuven Jazz festival, where the ‘Grand Prix Albert Michiels’ will be awarded to the winner for the first time.

Based on the qualifications and finals, the jury will choose the winners. Each winner will receive a (cash) prize, the prize winner will get the chance to play some concerts and in addition there are prizes for best soloist, best bassplayer and a prize for the best performance of the mandatory composition.

By encouraging young talented musicians and to grant them the attention and support they need, B-Jazz holds on to its main ambition: to encourage jazz (musicians) and contribute to the cultural development and future of our society.

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