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Sunday April 28, 2019
Hopper Antwerp 4:00 PM Yvonne Walter & Guest  
Heptone Ittre 5:00 PM Damon Brown / Stéphane Mercier Quintet  
Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club Liege 5:30 PM Jam Jazz
Maxime Moyaerts Trio
The Music Village Brussels 6:00 PM Festival Courants d'airs  
Le Pied en Coulisses Lamorteau 7:00 PM Festival de Wallonie
Music 4 a While
Botanique Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) 8:00 PM Les Nuits
Kummert / Samb / Van Hulten - Sym
Opatuur in ENTR Ghent 8:00 PM Benjamin Sauzereau Solo  
Roskam Cafe Brussels 8:00 PM Good.dOOg  
Botanique Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) 9:00 PM Les Nuits
Black Flower
Hot Club Gent Ghent 9:00 PM The Birds of Swing Sessions feat. Grognard  
Opatuur in ENTR Ghent 9:00 PM Van Herzeele / Liberski  
Vooruit Ghent 9:00 PM Gentse Hoppers Ball
Rob Spelberg - Swingalicious Big Band
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