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Sunday March 31, 2019
Bar Lume Ghent 4:00 PM Bravo Big Band  
Hopper Antwerp 4:00 PM Yvonne Walter sings "Groovy Things"  
Heptone Ittre 5:00 PM Tim Finoulst Trio  
L'Archiduc Brussels 5:00 PM Floris Kappeyne Trio  
Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club Liege 5:30 PM Jam Jazz  
The Music Village Brussels 6:00 PM The Rowdies  
Kursaal Dolhain 8:00 PM Jef Neve & Natalia  
Opatuur in ENTR Ghent 8:00 PM Thomas Kint  
Ploef ! Brussels (Jette) 8:00 PM Ivan Paduart / Patrick Deltenre  
Hot Club Gent Ghent 9:00 PM + Jam Session
The Birds of Swing Sessions feat. Lauret & Couvreur
Opatuur in ENTR Ghent 9:00 PM Tom Callens / Sam Gerstmans  
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