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Wednesday November 20, 2019
Jazz Centrum Vlaanderen Termonde 7:00 PM Swing, Swang, Swung  
Art Base Brussels 8:00 PM Les Contes d'Alfonsina  
De Pianofabriek Brussels (Saint-Gilles) 8:00 PM Ligedelic Mothership Connection  
Jazz Station Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) 8:00 PM Jam Session  
La Ferme Rose - Uccle Brussels (Uccle) 8:00 PM Baz Trio  
Impérial Private Premium Bar Brussels Brussels 8:30 PM Wednesday Impérial Christmas Jazz Jam Session  
Muntpunt Grand Café Brussels 8:30 PM Lauri Kadalipp Social Jazz  
Werkplaats Walter Brussels (Anderlecht) 8:30 PM Walter's jamming  
Bar Lume Ghent 9:00 PM L'Oiseau invite  
Hot Club Gent Ghent 9:00 PM + Jamsessie met Bart Maris
Lander Gyselinck
Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club Liege 9:00 PM Alain Pierre "Sitting in Some Café" Quartet  
Muziekcafé Pand.A Courtrai 9:00 PM Jazz Cats Club Shows
The Music Village Brussels 9:00 PM Carte Blanche to Angelo Gregorio
The Italian Affair (Gregorio / Loveri)
Sounds Brussels (Ixelles) 9:30 PM Arthur Possing Trio & Claire Parsons  
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