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Friday November 26, 2021
Full Circle House Brussels (Ixelles) 7:30 PM Maël Mercier & Eliott Knuets Duo  
Jazzzolder Malines 7:30 PM GLITS (Bart Maris / Peter Vandenberghe)  
Jazzzolder Malines 7:30 PM Van Dongen / Capel  
Jazz Station (Annexe) Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) 7:45 PM Sweet & Hot (auditions de disques commentés)  
Côté Village Brussels (Uccle) 8:00 PM Quentin Dujardin  
De Bijloke Ghent 8:00 PM Charles Lloyd & Kindred Spirits  
KC nOna
Malines 8:00 PM Christian Wallumrød Ensemble  
KC nOna
Malines 8:00 PM Trondheim Jazz Orchestra  
ZoArt Music Brussels 8:00 PM Cordes de la Paix de El Hassan Chatar  
RElaX (Foyer Schouwburg Rex) Mol 8:15 PM Yves Peeters - Haven  
Atelier 210 Brussels (Etterbeek) 8:30 PM Nikitch & Kuna Maze  
Atelier 210 Brussels (Etterbeek) 8:30 PM KAU Trio  
River Jazz Festival
Concert Noble
Brussels 8:30 PM Org. Senghor
Tutu Puoane Sings the Poetry of Lebo Mashile
L'An Vert Liege 8:30 PM Toine Thys Trio  
The Music Village Brussels 8:30 PM Sack'O Woe  
JAZZ9 Mazy 9:00 PM Sitardust  
Jenevermuseum Hasselt 9:00 PM Phil Abraham / Fabien Degryse  
Sounds Jazz Club Brussels (Ixelles) 9:00 PM Nathalie Loriers / Tineke Postma / Nicolas Thys  
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