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Michel Herr Positive Tentet
Thursday July 28, 2022
9:00 PM
Michel Herr Positive Tentet
Collégiale de Ciney

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Address Rue Nicolas Ansiaux, 5
5590 Ciney
Dinant Jazz

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Web site Dedicated website
Club Dinant Jazz - Salle des Grands Champs
Address CC Les Grands Champs
Rue des Perdreaux 15
5500 Dinant
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10 musicians : 6 renown jazzmen, all superb soloists, and a string quartet.

Michel Herr, who is known internationally for his talents as a jazz pianist/composer/arranger, offers here music which is at the same time warm and refreshing, a combination of vitality, beauty and emotion.

His compositions, marked with his unique touch, his refined arrangements, illustrate his attachment to a music that is accessible, rich in melodic and harmonic contents and built on nice grooves. The strings have a substantial role as a musical partner in the project and the soloists are first class. The dialog is creative and the chemistry works. And the emotion is never far away.

Bert Joris - Trumpet
Paul Heller (D) - Tenor saxophone
Peter Hertmans - Guitar
Nathalie Loriers - Piano
Samuel Gerstmans - Double bass
Dré Pallemaerts - Drums
Benoit Leseure - Violin
Pierre Heneaux - Violin
Jean-François Durdu - Viola
Merryl Havard - Cello
Michel Herr - Composer, Arranger
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