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Pascal Su - Ixus
Saturday June 4, 2022
8:00 PM
+ Jam
Pascal Su - Ixus
Costa Boppa Jazz Club

Contact information
Address Oud-Collega Tienen
Broekstraat, 31
3300 Tirlemont

With his new project, Pascal takes us into the field of his own compositions, giving back to
jazz its roots with an astonishing Pascal Su along with pieces to discover and listen to
without moderation. A fusion between urban music and a more colorful jazz gives a very
special freshness to a quintet combining individuality and perfect harmony, rhythms and
singing melodies.

With Ixus, and after several beautiful musical encounters, Pascal surrounds himself with
musicians who give a unique color to this quintet. The rhythm section is supported by Kays
Frihat on bass and Oscar Georges on drums and enhanced by Thomas Sagne's guitar which
is an invitation to adventure. The fusion of this quintet takes shape with Maayan Smith on
the saxophone which allows to add this particular tone giving depth to the groove and to
the melodies of Pascal who, on the piano, perfectly completes this ensemble to give this
much sought-after urban music.

Pascal Su - Piano
Toni Mora - Guitar
Michel Vrydag - Electric bass
Laurent Mercier - Drums
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