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There will never be another Toots!
Friday May 20, 2022
8:30 PM
There will never be another Toots!
The Music Village

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To mark the centennial of Baron Jean-Baptiste, "Toots", Thielemans, born 29th of April, Jan De Hass (drums), Sal La Roca (double bass), Hervé Noirot (piano) and Olivier Poumay (harmonica) pay a heartfelt tribute to "Toots" highlighting the melodies that marked his career.

“I still get very emotional when I think of our discussions. The last time he called me was to tell me that he had recommended me. Another time, he said to me: "You didn't choose an easy path. But I see you have a personal style. That's very good" and then he talked about the importance of playing another instrument and the legato... Lots of emotions... ”

Olivier Poumay

Olivier Poumay - Harmonica
Hervé Noirot - Piano
Sal La Rocca - Double bass
Jan de Haas - Drums
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