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Thursday May 26, 2022
12:00 AM
Openlucht Theater Rivierenhof

Contact information
Address Turnhoutsebaan 232
2100 Deurne
Phone +32 (0)70 222 192
Web site Dedicated website

A sure sign of the dawn of a new age is the disappearance of old dichotomies. The world is more complex that we would like to admit. Black and white is the bread and butter of lazy thinkers. Universally lauded STUFF. is a forerunner of this kind of evolution. Complementing the sweaty dance-floor chaos that we have come to expect from their concerts, the five-piece band has developed an ode to 50 years of evolution in music technology with their new set 'Hybrid Love'. By mixing things such as funky sax-lines with the rhythm of a tough porn bass, they toss all assumptions about the electrical/acoustic divide to the four winds. Buttons, records, xylophone, drum kit... They’re not that different, surely? Think, man!

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Lander Gyselinck - Drums
Joris Caluwaerts - Keyboards
Dries Laheye - Bass guitar
Andrew Claes - Tenor saxophone, EWI
Mixmonster Menno - Turntables
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