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Anthony Braxton's Gambit
Saturday June 4, 2022
8:00 PM
Anthony Braxton's Gambit
De Singel

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Anthony Braxton Saxophone Quartet
Anthony Braxton - altsax, sopraansax, sopranino & compositie
Ingrid Laubrock - sopraan- en tenorsax
James Fei - sopranino en altsax
Chris Jonas - alt- en tenorsax

en collaboration avec: Creative Music Orchestra / Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

afdelingen jazz en klassieke muziek Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen

Ghost Trance Septet:
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe - guitare
Teun Verbruggen - batterie
Niels Van Heertum - euphonium
Elisa Medinilla - piano
Steven Delannoye - saxophone ténor
Anna Jalving - violon
Frederik Sakham - contrebasse

With more than 500 compositions to his name, it is high time the American composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton was placed in the spotlight. A visionary pioneer who is always reinventing himself. In the 1970s he was already thinking about a live streaming with 100 orchestras in 4 cities, and he wanted to have completed music for orchestras in different galaxies before the year 2000. This programme features his legendary compositions from the Creative Orchestra albums, a kind of 'Ellington meets Stockhausen' in this blend of big band and contemporary classical ensemble. These are followed by the more recent Ghost Trance Music, which balances between notation and improvisation. We also get to hear Braxton himself with his new Saxophone Quartet!

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