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Via Toledo Jazz Quartet
Saturday January 29, 2022
8:30 PM
Via Toledo Jazz Quartet
Centre Marius Staquet - Centre Culturel de Mouscron

Contact information
Address Place Charles De Gaulle
7700 Mouscron
Phone +32 (0)56 86 01 60
Web site Dedicated website

Via Toledo is an ancient street and one of the most important shopping thoroughfare in the city of Naples, Italy. Many poets compare Via Toledo to the American Broadway and the french writer Stendhal who described the spirit of this street like this “here we are in the beautiful Via Toledo, the happiest street on earth!”. These four musicians, Bruno Castellucci (Belgian from Italian Parents), Paolo Loveri, Angelo Gregorio (Italians from the region of Naples) and Fil Caporali (Brazilian) got together with the same spirit of Via Toledo in Naples. Happiness and passion for music, for jazz. This project wants to present a unique kind of jazz musical performance bringing together original compositions of the young upcoming artist Angelo Gregorio and less known jazz standards.

Angelo Gregorio - Saxophones, Composer
Paolo Loveri - Guitar
Fil Caporali - Double bass
Bruno Castellucci - Drums
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