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Aleph Quintet
Saturday November 27, 2021
8:30 PM
Org. Senghor
Aleph Quintet
Concert Noble

Contact information
Address Rue d'Arlon, 82
1000 Brussels
River Jazz Festival

Contact information
Web site Dedicated website

Aleph Quintet is a music group based in Brussels, Belgium. It is without borders that North African music mixes with Jazz improvisation, Gnawa rhythms and Sufi culture. The group is a heterogeneous mix of nationalities and origins. Their communicative energy mixed with a great sense of collective allows them to transmit this passion directly to the audience.

The singularity of the band is characterized by the meeting of modern jazz (piano, electric bass, drums) and the alliance of the sounds of the oud and the violin, close to the traditional music of the Maghreb and the Middle East.

Attention : suite à d’importants travaux au sein du Senghor, ce concert se déroulera exceptionnellement à l’adresse suivante : Concert Noble, Rue d’Arlon 82, 1000 Bruxelles.

Akram Ben Romdhane - Ud
Marvin Burlas - Violin
Wajdi Riahi - Piano
Théo Zipper - Electric bass
Guillaume Malempré - Drums
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