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Alex Lesage / André Breidlid
Sunday September 5, 2021
6:15 PM
Easy Yellow / Sultan Stage
Alex Lesage / André Breidlid
Tuin Busser 30

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Address in de tuin van huize Busser, 30
2440 Geel
Yellowtime Music Festival

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André Breidlid - Drums
Alex Lesage - Keys and Synthesizer


“Capybara” is a new project from drummer André Breidlid and Keyboardist/Producer Alex Lesage who are based in Brussels.
The duo mixes acoustic drums and synthesizers to create a landscape of sounds and grooves influenced by jazz improvisation and electronic music.
Synthesising and presenting it in an accessible way,
Capybara experiments with concepts of perpetual growth
while paying tribute to modern sound design.

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