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Jean-Paul Estiévenart Quintet
Saturday April 24, 2021
8:30 PM
Jean-Paul Estiévenart Quintet
Centre Marius Staquet - Centre Culturel de Mouscron

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Address Place Charles De Gaulle
7700 Mouscron
Phone +32 (0)56 86 01 60
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  Jazz Tour (Les Lundis d'Hortense)

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Address Belgium
Various locations in Wallonia and Brussels
Les Lundis d'Hortense
Address Chaussée de Louvain 193a-195
1210 Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode)
Phone +32 (0)2 219 58 51
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

For this new quintet, Jean-Paul Estiévenart has brought together some strong musicians to play new compositions. One of his long-term accomplices, Antoine Pierre on drums. For inspiration and flights of fancy, who better than Nicolas Andrioli on piano ? Nic Thys on double base adds his own inimitable highly acoustic and deep sounds. And finally, a free spirit on the French scene causes creative turbulence within this fantastic team of musicians and long-time friends - Romain Pilon on guitar, with his woody sound and seamless knowledge of his art. "I want to play with musicians who know no bounds. I want to be able to write everything and be certain that it will sound good.” Jean-Paul writes lyrical music – in his own image - a red, energetic music, which leaves lots of room for improvisation.

Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet
Nicola Andrioli - Piano
Romain Pilon - Guitar
Nicolas Thys - Double bass
Antoine Pierre - Drums
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