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Mousse Quartet (Poésie / Jazz de chambre)
Wednesday December 4, 2019
8:30 PM
Mousse Quartet (Poésie / Jazz de chambre)
Le Cercle des voyageurs

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Address Rue des Grands Carmes, 18
1000 Brussels
Phone +32 (0)2/514 39 49
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Mousse is a project that unites poetry and music, halfway between cabaret and chamber music. Absolutely delightful!

This quartet is totally atypical, with one cello, two soprano saxophones and one actress/singer. They offer personnal compositions arranged around the work of different major poets: Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Creeley, Ted Koser, Mario Benedetti to name only a few.

Between theatre, jazz and chamber music, this project that escapes labels will surprise you with its generousity and accessibility.

Neus Martinez - Vocals, Composer
Mathieu Robert - Soprano saxophone, Composer
Pierre Vaiana - Soprano saxophone
Annemie Osborne - Cello
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