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Ramon van Merkenstein Trio
Thursday November 28, 2019
8:00 PM
Ramon van Merkenstein Trio
Den Hopsack

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Address Grote Pieter Potstraat, 24
2000 Antwerp
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Ramon van Merkenstein (double bass, compositions), Gabriele di Franco (guitar), Lieven Venken (drums)

This trio expresses its passion for jazz and loves to connect with its audience. Ramon is center stage and proudly reveals his creativity through his compositions and arrangements. His band members demonstrate their superb musical dexterity, rhythmic groove, adding colors and embellishing melodies. The group's interaction is coherent, cool and inventive. Adventurous and with creative freedom, beyond what’s comfortable.

Ramon van Merkenstein - Double bass, Composer
Gabriele di Franco - Guitar
Lieven Venken - Drums
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