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Samuel Ber - Pentadox
Friday February 21, 2020
8:15 PM
JazzLab Series / Double bill
Samuel Ber - Pentadox
RElaX (Foyer Schouwburg Rex)

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Address Smallestraat, 2
2400 Mol
Cultureel Centrum 't Getouw
Address organisatie: Molenhoekstraat 2
concerten: Markt 12
2400 Mol
Phone +32 (0)14 33 08 88
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Pentadox is a Belgian contemporary jazz band consisting of Sylvain Debaisieux (tenor saxophone), Bram De Looze (piano) and Samuel Ber (drums). They mix intuition and intellect, while maintaining a strong and independent relationship between the 3 protagonists. They build each tune like a board game, with its own set of rules, melodic fragments, rhythmic patterns, harmonic, social and philosophical concepts… And then, through a fresh and adventurous approach, the players explore the game and open up the playing field, stretching time and space. They incorporate elements of modern classical music, of avant- garde and improvised music.

Pentadox walks in the footsteps of the Belgian jazz tradition of collective bands, such as AkaMoon, Octurn & Mâäk, focusing on long-term exploration of new concepts and ideas about composition, improvisation and interaction. Each of the 3 protagonist is active on the Belgian and International scenes of jazz, improvisation and creative music: Bram De Looze is involved in projects such as Stéphane Galland’s Mystery of KEM, a trio with Joey Baron and Robin Verheyen, LABtrio, Dre Hocevar trio, as well as his own solo piano concerts and a septet (Septych). Sylvain Debaisieux is part of Lynn Cassiers’ Imaginary Band, Mâäk & Ghalia Benali, Stéphane Galland’s Mystery of KEM, toured internationally with the European Saxophone Ensemble led by Guillaume Orti. Samuel Ber plays in Mâäk, MikMâäk, the trio Malaby/Dumoulin/Ber, Suzanne Abbuehl, Matthieu Donarier, Benoît Delbecq, Fabian Fiorini, Magic Malik and leading, next to Pentadox, the improvised music and theater project “Il ne pleuvra pas”, featuring actor Yoann Blanc, musicians Bram De Looze and Antonin Tri Hoang, and sound artist Gilbert Nouno. They all bring influences from these projects inside Pentadox.

Sylvain Debaisieux - Saxophones
Bram De Looze - Piano
Samuel Ber - Drums
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