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Alexandre Cavaliere Manouche Quintet
Saturday August 24, 2019
7:30 PM
Alexandre Cavaliere Manouche Quintet
Moulin du Broukay

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Address 4960 Eben-Emael
Jazz au Broukay

Contact information
Address Moulin du Broukay
4690 Eben-Emael
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Maison du Jazz de Liège
Address rue sur les Foulons 11
4000 Liege
Phone +32 (0)4 221 10 11
Fax 32 (04) 221 22 32
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Web site Dedicated website

Under the lead –and with the magic violin- of Alexandre Cavaliere, perhaps the top young Belgian jazz cat of the last decade, this musical project proposes us a journey through the gypsy influences in jazz, from Django Reinhardt to nowadays jazz, including the compositions of the leader.

Alexandre Cavaliere - Violin
Manu Bonetti - Guitar
Fred Guédon - Guitar
Vincent Bruyninckx - Piano
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass
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