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Alain Pierre feat. Plumer - "Sitting in Some Café"
Saturday August 24, 2019
8:00 PM
Alain Pierre feat. Plumer - "Sitting in Some Café"
Café Le Parc

Contact information
Address Rue Paul Joseph Carpay, 22
4020 Liège-Doixhe
Centre Culturel Les Grignoux
Address Rue Soeurs de Hasque, 9
4000 Liege
Phone +32 (0)4 222 27 78
Web site Dedicated website

For 20 years now I loved challenging myself in concert with solo-guitar improvisation. The time has come to take one further step and produce a non-accompanied solo work, straightforward, with no rerecording. « Sitting In Some Café » (Spinach Pie Records - SPR103, distribution Igloo Circle) came out in November 2018.

My compositions on this record highlight the different sounds of classical guitars, six- and twelve-string acoustic guitars as well as a fretless guitar. Cafés and pubs as places of life, meeting and exchange weave the thread of the album, and I wanted to blend my music with various artistic expressions on the same subject. So the cover presents photographs by Pascal Ducourant, drawings by Leslie Leoni and texts by Patrick Pierre. This concert is the opportunity for my music to see the light of day, and for myself to take up once more the challenge of playing solo in public.

Alain Pierre - Guitars, Composer
Etienne Plumer - Tablas
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