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JD's Groove
Tuesday April 30, 2019
8:30 PM
JD's Groove
Loup & Moi

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Address Avenue Jean et Pierre Carsoel, 5
Place Saint Job
1180 Brussels (Uccle)
International Jazz Day

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Web site Dedicated website
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This explosive quartet mixes hip-hop, funk and electro vibes while still staying true to the jazz spirit. A fusion of acoustic and electric instruments (sequencers, synths, pads and other contemporary instruments) makes for a project with an out-of-this-world sound!

This encounter between jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul creates a serious melting pot of culture and style.

The magic happens through coherent, enthralling, modern and original music.

Jérémy Dumont - Piano
Martin Méreau - Vibraphone
Vincent Cuper - Electric bass
Fabio Zamagni - Drums
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