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Paterson / Van Lint
Sunday May 26, 2019
8:00 PM
Paterson / Van Lint
Kaffee Damast

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Address Noordstraat 28A
8500 Courtrai
Phone +32 (0)56 98 00 86
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The three essential elements of jazz
Originally from Philadelphia, jazz pianist Ben Paterson studied in Chicago and finally moved to New York where he's poised to bring his unique talents and style to a wider audience. His style which is strongly influenced by Oscar Peterson, combines hard-swinging grooves and melodic improvisation with an impeccable touch. Notable collaborations include working with Von Freeman, Johnny O’Neal, Red Holloway, Eldee young, Jerry Weldon, Guy King, and many others. He will be accompanied by our 'Scat'-cat, crooner and bassist Jean Van Lint (Swing Dealers).

Two talented musicians sharing their passion for Jazz.

Ben Paterson - Piano
Jean Van Lint - Double bass
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