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Too Noisy Fish - Nightwatch
Saturday January 26, 2019
8:30 PM
Too Noisy Fish - Nightwatch
CC De Warandepoort

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Address Markt, 7B
3080 Tervuren
Phone +32 (0)2/766 52 03
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Nightwatch is a spoken and musical performance in which two films - 'Sisters' and 'Nightwatch' - are projected simultaneously, in dialogue with each other.

Through the simultaneous projection there is a connection and a strong tension. The text by Dimitri Verhulst, is not a story or an interpretation, but an evocation of 'the human condition'.

Too Noisy Fish created a brooding soundtrack in which film music, jazz, improvisation and contemporary music go hand in hand. The result is a three-dimensional expression of the vain and the inevitable, in which the viewer constructs his own story.

Peter Vandenberghe - Piano
Kristof Rosseeuw - Bass
Teun Verbruggen - Drums
Dimitri Verhulst - Text and voice
Trisha De Cuyper - Video
Jan Lapeire - Video
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