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Tim Finoulst Trio
Sunday March 31, 2019
5:00 PM
Tim Finoulst Trio

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Address Rue Haute, 7
1460 Ittre
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Belgian guitarist Tim Finoulst presents his trio as a leader with Martijn Vanbuel on double bass and Daniel Jonkers on drums. These three musicians have already gained their stripes in the Belgian and international jazz scene, but in this line-up they find the right musical space for their individual expression. They get inspiration not only from jazz, as well from blues, folk and world music. In the melodic compositions by the hands of Tim, Martijn and Daniel, the story telling aspect is most prolific, hence their first album is named 'Narrative', published by the label SoulFactory Records. Their second album, ‘Tender Machine’, was recently released, with special guests Bert Joris on trumpet and bugle and Tutu Puoane on vocals.

Les compositions mélodieuses de Tim sont inspirées non seulement du jazz mais aussi du blues, du folk ou de la musique du monde. Chaque mélodie est une histoire, un voyage auditif très agréable !
Coup de coeur de la saison 2017/2018, l'Heptone a décidé de reprogrammer ce magnifique trio.
L'Heptone n'est pas seul à le penser puisque ce trio a remporté le "Maastricht Jazz Award 2017"!

Tim Finoulst - Guitar
Martijn Vanbuel - Double bass
Daniel Jonkers - Drums
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