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Bram De Looze / Robin Verheyen / Joey Baron
Saturday March 23, 2019
10:00 PM
CD Release
Bram De Looze / Robin Verheyen / Joey Baron

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Address Rue Ravenstein 23,
1000 Brussels
Phone +32 (0)2 507 84 44
Phone + 32 (0)2 507 82 00
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Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s clear that Bram De Looze and Robin Verheyen are among the most prominent figures in the contemporary Belgian jazz scene. They are composers and bandleaders with a vision, who’ve individually made their marks in Belgium and abroad. But the two also share a passion for the music of Thelonious Monk, having played the repertoire of Monk as a duo for many years. At the request of BOZAR, they’ve joined forces with Joey Baron, the legendary drummer who’s made a name for himself through his collaborations with John Zorn (Massada, Naked City), Bill Frisell and Marc Copland. Together, Bram De Looze, Robin Verheyen and Joey Baron tackle the ever-important music of Thelonious Monk.

The trio’s first European tour proved immensely successful and garnered considerable acclaim for their performances at Paradox Tilburg (NL), het Wilde Westen (BE), La Dynamo (FR), TivoliVredenburg (NL), BOZAR (BE) and the Monk Café (BE). The concert in Paris was broadcast live on Radio France and the concert at the Monk Café was broadcast directly on Radio Klara. (See SoundCloud link below for the radio session.)

The trio will tour with their own compositions and a new album in 2019 and during the 2019-2020 season. They will perform at BOZAR (BE), the Handelsbeurs (BE), deSingel (BE) and in other European venues.

Robin Verheyen and Bram De Looze are undoubtedly among the leading figures of the contemporary Belgian jazz scene. Both are virtuosos on their instruments, visionary composers and bandleaders who have each followed their own idiosyncratic course. At BOZAR’s request, they presented a project in late 2017 based around Thelonious Monk and invited the American percussionist Joey Baron. As the long-time sparring partner of John Zorn (Massada, Naked City), Bill Frisell and Marc Copland he has more than earned his stripes in the contemporary jazz world. So we are overjoyed that the trio has decided to continue working together – and how! With their own compositions, an actual CD release and subsequent tour, this trio is quietly building up an impressive list of achievements. We are excited to welcome them back to BOZAR.

“ The notes From The Piano Sound Extraterrestrial, The Saxophone Limps, And Then The Brushes Dictate The Tempo. The Music Is Carved Up, Scathing And Dry. Its Swing Is Nervous And Lean. Robin Interjects Short Riffs, Bram Punctuates And Splashes, Baron Flogs. A+" – Jacques Prouvost

Joey Baron - Drums
Bram De Looze - Piano
Robin Verheyen - Alto saxophone
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