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Kummert / Samb / Van Hulten - Sym
Saturday January 26, 2019
10:00 PM
River Jazz Night
Kummert / Samb / Van Hulten - Sym
Théâtre Marni

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Address Rue de Vergnies, 25
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)
Phone +32 (0)2 639 09 82
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River Jazz Festival

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Since Nicolas Kummert recorded his two Voices albums a few years ago, it was followed by an extensive tour. An essential part of this travelling party was Hervé Samb, the guitarist who was always on stage with him and also contributed to the albums in the studio. That collaboration kept playing in Kummert's head and especially for us he announces a reunion between the two. They return with an even more energetic and groovy program, with rock, electronic sounds, powerful guitar riffs and colourful soundscapes being the elements of a set under high voltage.


There’s no doubt about it, the Night is absolutely made for him : Nicolas Kummert loves nothing more than an invitation to travel. Surrounded exceptional musicians and dancers, he travels the globe from Reykjavik to Phnom Penh, Dakar to Manchester. The river he travels on is an internal vital thread that connects his heart, lungs and gut ...And throughout the evening, dancers will be loyally at his side.

Release all tension and abandon yourself to the throbbing rhythms, impulses. Listen to your body, sway, and turn each movement into a move that brings you closer to a state of trance. Music and dance flirt and seek each other out ; they are the ultimate expression of voluptuous, carnal, visceral pleasure.
A joyful and generous atmosphere to finish this journey ... we defy you not to dance till you drop !

Les 3 danseurs Fatou Traoré, Yphun Chiem et Yvan Bertrem accompagneront Nicolas au cours des 3 concerts de la soirée

Nicolas Kummert - Tenor saxophone, Effects, Vocals
Hervé Samb - Guitar, Vocals
Jasper Van Hulten - Drums
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