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Flat Earth Society & David Bovée "Boggamasta"
Friday May 25, 2018
8:00 PM
Flat Earth Society & David Bovée "Boggamasta"
N9 (muziekclub Eeklo)

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Address Molenstraat 165
9900 Eeklo
Phone +32 (0)9/377 93 94
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Would you stroke a rabid tiger? Don’t try it. and putting a label on Flat Earth Society is equally ill-advised; since their origins in 1997, they’ve made a habit of gleefully knocking down the walls between genres.

This time, the charmingly eccentric 14-man orchestra has hatched a cunning plan with guitarist David Bovée. Hot, volatile and delirious, FES has got a bad case of Nadaville fever, just like old times.

Peter Vermeersch - Clarinet, binding lyrics, Vocals
Bart Maris - trumpet
Thomas Mayade - Trumpet
Bruno Vansina - Baritone saxophone, Flute
Benjamin Boutreur - Alto saxophone
Michel Mast - Tenor saxophone
Peter Delannoye - Trombone
Marc Meeuwissen - Trombone
Marti Mélia - Tenor saxophone
Belinde Deman - Tubas, Euphonium
Peter Vandenberghe - Keyboards
Kristof Roseeuw - Double bass
Teun Verbruggen - Drums and percussion
Mirko Banovic - Bass
Wim Segers - Percussion
David Bovée - Guitar, Vocals
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