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Eric Thielemans "The Color in Shadow"
Wednesday February 14, 2018
8:00 PM
Eric Thielemans "The Color in Shadow"

Contact information
Address Gouvernementstraat, 7
9000 Ghent

What? The Color in Shadow. the start of 2 things new: an artistic research project and an artistic residency at Vooruit (Gent) and Gouvernement (Gent). This event will be the first (of 4) with talks and performances about the so called neutrality of the empty space in artistic practise with guests Esther Venrooy, Hannelore van Dijck and Niels Van Heertum.

I’m happy to announce a new phase in my practise: since January 1st I’m an artistic researcher at both the Royal Academy of Antwerp and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

My research project is called “The Color in Shadow. A research into the subtle qualities of resonances in the spaces between things."

I also started an artistic residency at Vooruit in Gent which will mostly take place at Gouvernement, also in Gent.

Within this residency, and linked to my research project, in 2018, I will organise 4 public events at Gouvernement in Gent.

At these events I will talk with other artists and thinkers about spaces and sound, trans-disciplinarity and research and perform or show work myself, or invite someone to perform or show.

For each event 1 or 2 witnesses will be invited to document the process and event through audio recordings, notes, drawings, photographs.

Eric Thielemans - Drums
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