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Mélanie De Biasio
Sunday March 25, 2018
8:00 PM
Mélanie De Biasio
Het Depot

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Address Martelarenplein, 12
Phone +32 (0)16 22 06 03
Leuven Jazz

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Address Rijschoolstraat 4 bus 004
3000 Louvain
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Every one of us has been through it. That complete and utter infatuation that comes with an unforgettable crush on a completely unrequited beauty. Desperate longing colouring the days and just the sound of the timbre of that voice making your day worth living. Prepare for those feelings to come rushing back when you hear jazz singer Melanie De Biaso’s voice. There are no vocal acrobatics, just minimalistic sounds; a timeless voice and sober accompaniment: her effortless bridge between jazz and pop. Delicate subtlety and softness enhance Melanie’s seduction, which has you quite literally hanging on every sound that leaves her wonderful lips. Soulful and Bluesy.

"As the final patters of the album's send-off,'With All My Love', dissolve into the ether, the eerie silence that's left is dizzying."

Mélanie De Biasio - Vocals
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