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Samson Schmitt / Johan Dupont / Joachim Iannello
Sunday January 28, 2018
5:30 PM
Samson Schmitt / Johan Dupont / Joachim Iannello
Centre Culturel René Magritte

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Address Théâtre J-Cl Drouot
Rue de la Déportation 37
7860 Lessines
Phone +32 (0)68 25 06 00
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Address Rue des Chrysanthèmes, 28
Brussels (Laeken)
Phone +32 (0)2 474 06 41
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"Rire avec Chaplin" is a feast, an impromptu symphony, powerful and beautiful, a meeting-point of rare talents that is going to unite people for a very long time. It’s the encounter between Samson Schmitt and two exceptional musicians from Liège: Johan Dupont and Joachim Iannello.

In the Galaxy of the Schmitt Family, Samson signed with audacity the new story of the gypsy guitar. Lyrical, charming, powerful, creative, flexible, generous with profound sound, precise bending and unstoppable rhythm, …all at the same time. Add to this the ferocious and brassy virtuosity of Joachim’s violin, the swing and creative genius of Johan Dupont and you’ll get an unlimited cocktail of great music. You’ll even get a taste of new rhapsody, bossa, nu-jazz ... Served with sounds emblematic of benchmark compositions, we could say that we are satisfied with this delectable work, without fuss.

Samson Schmitt - Guitar
Johan Dupont - Piano
Joachim Iannello - Violin
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