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Jazzy Strings avec Dorado & Amati Schmitt
Saturday January 27, 2018
8:15 PM
Jazzy Strings avec Dorado & Amati Schmitt
Centre culturel d'Eghezée - Asbl Ecrin

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Address 5, rue de la Gare
5310 Eghezée
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Address Rue des Chrysanthèmes, 28
Brussels (Laeken)
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Jazzy Stringswas born from a passion for gypsy jazz and the two jazz giants Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grapelli. The band was formed in 1992 by Mario Cavaliere, father of the violin virtuoso Alexandre Cavaliere, and has been invited in the meantime at the biggest European festivals (Juan-Les-Pins, Nice, Marciac, Samois-sur-Seine, Helsinki). At these concerts, the band shared regularly the stage with guest musicians like Angelo Debarre, Birelli Lagrène, Didier Lockood, Samson and Dorado Schmitt.
In the new line-up, René Desmaele, trumpet player & singer, joins the band. René and Mario share the same passion for the music of Django and Louis Armstrong, for swing and the music of the thirties. Together, they put a surprisingly original mix of gypsy jazz and classical jazz. It is fact that very few trumpet players are able to play Django’s music properly, because his pitches and rhythms are very unusual for brass players.
For the Djangofolllies, they are proud to invite their friend, the well-known French composer, violinist and guitarist Dorado Schmitt and his son Amati. Dorado, considered one of the great stars of gypsy jazz, contributed to the development of a universal artistic heritage: some of his works have become standards in the world of jazz.

No one has done more to ignite contemporary interest in the idiom than Dorado Schmitt. Born to gypsy parents near the German border in Lorraine, France, Dorado was weaned on traditional Roma music and gypsy jazz. He rebelled as a teenager by taking up electric guitar and emulating Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. Schmitt started visiting the United States in 2002 and has become a star attraction at major festivals. He has stolen the show at several of the annual Django Reinhardt New York Festivals at Birdland, and his legendary status has earned him the role of ambassador to the jazz world, performing alongside Oscar Peterson, Paquito D’Rivera, George Benson and James Carter. He now stands as one of the most respected and in-demand gypsy jazz artists in the world. Against the tide of fashion and show business pressures, his kindness and natural voice bring pride to the gypsy community.

Sonny Amati Schmitt, one of the sons of Gipsy Jazz legend Dorado Schmitt, was born on 8 August 1995 in Thionville in Moselle. He started studying piano and solfeggio at the age of six, but at the age of eight, he couldn’t resist the attraction of the guitar, honouring his origins. His technical progress on the instrument was spectacular, thanks to the advices of his father and of course, his talent. At the age of nine, he joined his father on stage for the very first time. In the meantime Harmonia Mundi has released his debut album “Sonny Day”. He performed for the first time with his own quartet at the Jazz Transfert festival in Saarbrücken/Germany and the public got wild. The same thing happened at the famous Django Reinhardt festival in Samois sur Seine. Very few musicians can claim such a privilege at the age of sixteen.

Alexandre Cavaliere - Violin
René De Smaele - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals
Mario Cavaliere - Acoustic guitar, Vocals
Bart De Nolf - Double bass
Dorado Schmitt - Guitar, Violin
Amati Schmitt - Guitar
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