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Thursday October 12, 2017
8:30 PM
De Casino - Sint-Niklaas

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Address Stationsstraat 104
9100 Saint-Nicolas
Phone +32 (0)3 776 11 98
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The Antwerp collective BRZZVLL (°2006) plays improvised dance music with a jazz fusion, funk and rare groove sound like those of the seventies: bass and drums very tight and funky, horns, guitar and keyboards very imaginative and sexy. Their debute Days of Thunder, Days of Grace was voted Best Belgian Jazz Album of 2008 by newspaper Le Soir. For their last two critically acclaimed albums, BRZZVLL worked together with spoken word artists Anthony Joseph (Engines, Zephyrus Records, 2014) & Amir Sulaiman (First Let’s Dance, Zephyrus Records, 2016).

In September 2017, however, they go back to the roots with a new instrumental album (Sdban). No vocalist or soloists, but excellent psychedelic, cosmic jazz-funk in which BRZZVLL’s solid, characteristic sound comes forward. The album is an indictment on today’s Western individuality, as in the contemporary music scenes, and a cry for solidarity. From night to jazz clubs, individual artists are admired and music is consumed for the individual escapism of daily routine. This goes against the basic values of jazz & funk: group experience and creation, being ‘in the moment’ or ‘in trance’ and to lift each other and the music to a higher level. The estranging electronics and dub effects on the album encourage this ecstatic mood. The addition of a second drummer provokes an extra percussive layering & virtuosity.

Get carried away by contagious rhythms and immerse yourself in this delirious trip to a world beyond ours.

Vincent Brijs - Saxophone
Andrew Claes - Tenor saxophone
Geert Hellings - Guitar
Dries Laheye - Double bass
Stijn Cools - Drums
Jan Willems - Keyboards
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