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Trance Mission Gnawa
Saturday September 23, 2017
8:00 PM
Trance Mission Gnawa
Centre Culturel Jacques Franck

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Address Chaussée de Waterloo 94
1060 Brussels (Saint-Gilles)
Phone +32 (0)2 538 90 20
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The band Trance Mission Gnawa was born from the encounter between the gnawa maâlem Hassan el Gadiri and the saxophone player Grégoire Tirtiaux and follows as a mission the transmission of the spirit of trance music.
Gnawa music carries the sound and rhythmic variations of the european musicians. Riffs, arrangements and improvisations color gnawa music with an afro-(free)jazz tonality sending the audience into the different nuances of trance rhythms.

Maalem Hassan el Gadiri - guembri, Vocals
Jamal Zgarhi - Qarqaba, Vocals
Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet
Sylvain Debaisieux - Tenor saxophone
Quentin Manfroy - Flute
Grégoire Tirtiaux - Baritone saxophone, Vocals
Giovanni Di Domenico - Piano
João Lobo - Percussion
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