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GLITS (Bart Maris / Peter Vandenberghe)
Friday October 2, 2015
8:00 PM
GLITS (Bart Maris / Peter Vandenberghe)
Cultuur Centrum Strombeek

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Address Gemeenteplein (Strombeek-Bever)
1853 Grimbergen
Phone +32 (0)2 263 03 43
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Getting lost in tiny (sound) spaces: Peter Vandenberghe (piano) and Bart Maris (trumpet) dive enthusiastically into the adventure as a duo. Working together for over 25 years in several larger formations (X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society, to name the most renowned) this duo presents more direct musical dialogues in ever-changing soundscapes using compositions of Maris, arrangements of Vandenberghe and improvised pieces.

The basic idea is a strictly acoustic setting, with a focus on dynamics and density - color - texture, parameters that define their music as do tonality - rhythm. Therefore, this duo is always surprising; compositions are vehicles for improvisation, sometimes creating elongated soundscapes, sometimes short and direct pieces. The CD reveals only a glimpse of the imagination of the duo.

GLITS zorgt voor een streepje live jazz tijdens onze seizoensopening en tevens vernissage van de expo A line is a line is a line, de najaarsexpo van Museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent.

Inkom gratis.

Bart Maris - Trumpet
Peter Vandenberghe - Piano
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