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Tingvall Trio
Wednesday January 15, 2014
8:15 PM
Tingvall Trio
© Joseph Diongre (1940) Philippe Samyn (arch.) Andrés Fernándes Marcos (ph.)

Contact information
Address Place Sainte Croix
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)
Phone +32 (0)2 641 10 20
Web site Dedicated website
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  Winter Jazz Festival

Martin Tingvall, piano
Omar Rodriguez, double bass
Jürgen Spiegel, drums

Tingvall Trio is an international jazz trio based in Hamburg and composed of the Swedish pianist Martin Tingvall, the Cuban bass player Omar Rodriguez Calvo and the German drummer Jürgen Spiegel.

Together, they create melodies so beautiful that they would be hard to trust if they weren’t so disarmingly authentic. They alternate with eruptive flashes of energy in which jazz and rock are cheerily blended. The music suggests images almost instantaneously, from Scandinavian landscapes shrouded in fog to waves crashing in the surf and lifelike character studies. One of Europe's leading jazz trios... and a real heart-stopper!

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