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Saturday January 18, 2014
8:00 PM
Théâtre Marni

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Address Rue de Vergnies, 25
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)
Phone +32 (0)2 639 09 82
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Winter Jazz Festival

From Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango to film music, Soledad’s five musicians have transcended their diverse personal influences (contemporary, jazz, blues, fusion, rock) to create arrangements that are sometimes dreamy, sometimes lively.

Anything goes thanks to their classical training. Their unusual combo (accordion, violin, piano, guitar, double bass) combines to create an explosive and uncompromising sound. Their cohesion and energy create a passionate and direct bond with the audience. For this album, Soledad bring in a percussionist and play their own compositions, pushing creativity to its limits. The group is now well established as one of the finest ensembles of its kind.

Manu Comté - Accordion, Bandoneon
Alexander Gurning - Piano
Jean-Frédéric Molard - Violin
Patrick De Schuyter - Guitar
Samuel Gerstmans - Double bass
Michel Seba - Percussion
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