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Brassafrik - The Ghana Connections
Tuesday May 14, 2013
8:30 PM
Brassafrik - The Ghana Connections

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Address Veeweydestraat, 24 - 26
1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

Brassafrik / Wind Afrique / King Ayisoba

Brassafrik represents the musical exchange between Africa and the rest of the world. After publishing a first album and performing some hefty series of concerts in Belgium and abroad, the group starts with a new challenge: Brassafrik - The Ghana Connections!

Since their start-up in the year 2008 Brassafrik develops a style of their own that combines traditional West-African rhythms with original horn parts and arrangements This unique style has evolved and has grown into a sound concept that proved numerous times not to be a flash in the pan. Moreover: during their residence in Ghana the musicians of Brassafrik were eager to confront themselves with different musical work methods and traditions. The need to introduce their own sound to the Ghanaian traditional music and rhythmic (Highlife, Agbadza, Gome, Lolo) is fed by the urge and the quest for new artistic elements and encounters. The enrichment is intriguing as well as mutual. The result will be presented during a tour in 2013.

HISTORY: In March 2012 Brassafrik travelled to Ghana for a 14 day residence in the city of Accra. The musicians worked together intensively with a number of leading musicians, groups and collectives. The emphasis lied on the artistic cooperation and exchange with Wind Afrique (Accra) and King Ayisoba (Bolga). Furthermore, Brassafrik also collaborated with the Music Department of the University of Ghana (Accra) and Africana (Accra).
Wind Afrique’s specialty is the Ghanaian Highlife and Afro-Fusion. This musical collective won various prizes: ‘Face of Africa’, ‘Best Afro group 2007’ and ‘New Music Ghana Project 2009’. It was with trumpet player and bandleader Joseph Darko and trombone player Moses Batintora that Brassafrik built musical bridges. Top of the bill is King Ayisoba. This singer and composer is pretty much the incarnation of the revival of the traditional music. He is a pure musician and accompanies himself on the kologo, a 2-string traditional guitar. In 2007, Ayisoba won the ‘Ghana Music Award for Song of the Year’ and the ‘the Traditional Song of the Year’. He uses his voice, traditional rhythms and instruments in an exquisite way which results in powerful songs with an original sound.

TOUR 2013: Brassafrik invites King Ayisoba, Joseph Darko en Moses Batintora to play a series of concerts as the climax of their cooperation. On the menu we find an exciting program, the fruit of an inspiring cross-fertilization between different musical influences. Brassafrik and the 3 guests make use of traditional rhythms and melodic patterns in an exceptional way and transform them into a strong organic unity. The result is an astonishing synergy between traditional African and Western influences with a groove that leaves no one unmoved.

EDUCATIVE SESSIONS & WORKSHOPS: As a compliment to the tour, a selection of musicians will give artistic educative sessions & workshops for groups of all technical levels. These sessions and workshops focus on the traditional Ghanaian music culture such as Highlife, Agbadza, Gome, Lolo, etc... They give an historical and practical outline in a nutshell and on an interactive way. Depending on the foreknowledge as well as the age of the participants, the groups will be introduced to and immersed in traditional West- African brass, rhythm and dance. Artists: Mozes Batintora (trombone), Joseph Darko (trumpet), Dirk Timmermans (trumpet), Babs Jobo (tama, djembe), Bodé Owa (doundoun, dance)


Voor de laatste jam van dit seizoen nodigen we een hele rits muzikanten uit.

De Brassafreaks van Met-X komen met hun Ghanese gastmuzikanten Zinnema in vuur en vlam te zetten. Beide Brusselse groepen waren bij hen te gast in het kader van een uitwisselingsproject (The Ghana Connections). Wij verwachten o.a. Moses Batintora (trombone), Joseph Darko (trompet) en King Ayisoba (kologo en zang).

Ook N’Faly Kouyaté heeft zijn komst aangekondigd, evenals uiteraard Luc Mishalle en de muzikanten die rond Met-X, Brassafrik en Namunkanda cirkelen.

Iedereen op post om de stukken er af te jammen. Feest gegarandeerd !

Joseph Darko - Trumpet
Moses Batintora - Trombone
King Ayisoba - Vocals, Kologo
Babs Jobo - Djembe, Tama
Stefaan Blancke - Trombone
Berlinde Deman - Tuba
Lot Vandekeybus - Tenor Tuba
Bode Owa - Doundoun, Danse
Lezin Mpoutou - Conga, Djembe
Ludovic Jeanmart - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Luc Mishalle - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Dirk Timmermans - Trumpet
Zulema Hechevarria Blanco - Bells, shekere
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