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Friday September 14, 2012
9:00 PM
Org. Maison du Jazz
Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club

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Address Boulevard E. Solvay 493
4000 Liege
Phone +32 (0)4 227 12 55
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...Het gitaartrio Wheels waagt zich in de Bermudadriehoek tussen jazz, improvisatie en rock (…) een muzikaal logboek van een introspectieve zoektocht. In het verlengde van Elliott Sharp en Marc Ribot, maar stilistisch vooral een soundtrack voor het televisieprogramma Uur van de Wolf.
Georges Tonla Briquet - Jazzenzo

...Souletude, entre soul et solitude, la quête de nouveaux horizons musicaux...
Claude Loxhay - Jazzhalo

December 2015, a misty and cold winter weekend, the Atomium stands as a silent witness of a glorious though long gone past, a travelling circus is being deconstructed in the park, animal trucks stand around and a circular print in the grass marks where the tent just stood, it drizzles. The American Theatre, more specific an old wheater forcast studio within it, is the surprising working space for the recording of Souletude. It's three weeks after the attacks in Paris, it feels weird, what are we doing here actually, o yeah making a record, why?

In August 2015 Mathias, Manolo and Jakob decided to organize a recording session, they met again on 10/12 in the studio holding a bunch of sketches in their hand. For three days they plunged themselves into the music, they were clashing, rolling, they shared experiences, discovered unreveiled passions, and came out with hours of rough material. It felt like a cleansing, it felt good. The circus however was already gone then, everybody went his own way once more...

Souletude is the musical log of a quest, the title refers to introspection, to solitude, to digging deeper into one's soul, to being on the road in life, to hope, but also to Jazz and his magisterial masters.

After self-producing two EP's (2011 & 2014), Wheels now releases it's first official record. Their music is exploring many musical boundries; jazz, rock, impro, electronic & minimal music are sources from which they draw inspiration.

Souletude is a co-production between two Gent-based labels Chopstick & el NEGOCITO Records. Artistically Sjoerd & Merlyn Paridaen created the inspiring artwork for the cover, Diederick Nuyttens directed the wonderfull Videoclip, The Breakfast Club and The Flemish Government supported it's realization.

Mathias Van De Wiele - Guitar
Manolo Cabras - Double bass
Jakob Warmenbol - Drums
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