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Fabrice Alleman - Obviously
Friday May 13, 2011
8:00 PM
Fabrice Alleman - Obviously
Centre Culturel MJC Comines-Warneton

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Address Rue des Arts, 2
7780 Comines-Warneton
Phone +32 (0)56 56 15 11
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Les Lundis d'Hortense
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In 2011, Fabrice Alleman won the Sabam Jazz Award. And rightly so! The 45 years old saxophonist coming from Mons has been a highly-ranked jazz player in Belgium for years. As a hard-working composer, he plays the tenor, soprano and the alto saxophone as well as the clarinet and the flute.

In 1996, he founded his QuarTeT together with pianist Michel Herr, bass player Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and drummer Frédéric Jacquemin. Their first album Loop the Loop was immediately awarded with the Nicolas Dor prize during the Jazzfestival in Liège. In 1998, listeners of the French
speaking radio station RTBF and of the Flemish speaking radio station VRT claimed the album to be the best jazz album of 1998.

As a young man, Alleman was inspired by blues, rock, ethnic music and contemporary jazz. He cooperated with Adamo (which resulted in ‘Adamo Live’) as well as with trumpeters Terence Blanchard and Randy Brecker. Together with Sax No End, he went on tour in diverse countries.
For several years, he cooperated intensely with the legendary bass player Jean Warland. As a saxophonist he is able to speak many languages and to create an atmosphere in which music floats fluently. In meantime, he has been a teacher of big band and ensemble at the conservatory in

In 2008, he founds a duo together with bass player Reggie Washington with who he performs the music of Wayne Shorter. Washington collaborated with Brandford Marsalis, Roy Hargrove, Steve Coleman and Cassandra Wilson. The duo goes on tour in Italy, France and Belgium. In 2009, Alleman presents his new quartet ‘Obviously’ with Reggie Washington, Nathalie Loriers and Lionel Beuvens. They started performing in 2011 and played at Dinant Jazz Nights 2011.

‘The melodies are written down on paper as if they float directly out of my head, without thinking about it, as if those matching sounds are obvious’ explains Alleman. ‘That is why the band is called Obviously.’ Alleman adds vocals to his performances with his new quartet as well: using meaningless words and full of energy, he adds moments of scatting. It must be said: Alleman feels great in his new ensemble, and this shows.

The deeply melodic and natural compositions of Fabrice Alleman have been refined by musicians of rare sensibility, musicality and richness: Reggie Washington on bass, Nathalie Loriers on the Fender Rhodes and Lionel Beuvens on drums. This new quartet takes us to the boundaries of jazz and “groove”, a sound which is both modern yet at the same time anchored in tradition.


Fabrice Alleman - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Nathalie Loriers - Fender Rhodes
Reggie Washington - Double bass, Electric bass
Lionel Beuvens - Drums
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