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Ben Sluijs / Erik Vermeulen duo
Sunday September 21, 2008
8:00 PM
Org. Opatuur
Ben Sluijs / Erik Vermeulen duo
De Centrale

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Address Kraankindersstraat 2
9000 Ghent
Phone +32 (0)9 265 98 26
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Ben Sluijs and Erik Vermeulen have played together for over 15 years. They have made numerous records in groups ranging from quintets to duos.
Their first recording as a duet, "Stones" (recently re-edited by De Werf), revealed a poetic stillness which was, at times, impressionist. Their second effort, "Parity", is a beautiful continuance of their previous work of art. They deliver their music with conviction and harmony.

New CD "Parity" (WERF - 2010)

Erik Vermeulen - Piano
Ben Sluijs - Saxophones
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