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Nicolas Kummert "Voices" feat. Magic Malik
Saturday June 14, 2008
8:30 PM
Nicolas Kummert "Voices" feat. Magic Malik
De Singer

Contact information
Address Bavelstraat 35
2310 Rijkevorsel
Web site Dedicated website

An international project mixing jazz and african music. Highly original by the use of a lot of singing all along the concert, the musicians becoming backing vocalists, featuring Magic Malik's unique voice. Compositions have a pronounced african taste. they take advantage of those outstanding musicians ability to both groove and lyricism...

Nicolas Kummert - Tenor saxophone, Vocals
Magic Malik - Flute, Vocals
Jozef Dumoulin - Piano, Vocals
Nicolas Thys - Double bass, Vocals
Patrick Goraguer - Drums, Vocals
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