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Modern jazz
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Modern jazz
Large ensembles
Old style
't Mouvement
@70's (Axel Dumont)
An American songbook feat. S. Houben, Julie Mossay, N. Loriers, ORCW
Après un rêve
Big Band 86 Marc Godfroid
Big Band de l’ADM
Bram De Looze’s Septych
Bravo Big Band
Brussels Jazz Orchestra (Frank Vaganée)
Brussels Little Big Band (Alex Scorier)
Chapuis Street Big Band
Charly Bil Swing
Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra
Daniel Romeo Band
DelVitaGroup XL
East Belgian Swing Band
Eve Beuvens "Heptatomic"
Fabrice Alleman & Chamber Orchestra "UDiverse"
Flat Earth Society
Floreffe Jazz Orchestra
Frank Deruytter & O.T.O. Machine
Freddy Sunder Big Band
Friday Night Blasters Big Band
Froidebise Orchestra
From Jazz to Baroque (Phil Abraham)
Geoffrey Fiorese Tentet
Giovanni Di Domenico & Abschattungen
Ivan Paduart + Metropole Orchestra & guests
Ivan Paduart Quartet + Richard Galliano + strings
Jamaican jazz orchestra
Jazzisfaction Big Band
Jef Neve "Sons of the New World"
Keenroh XL
L'Oeil Kollectif Double Quartet
L'Orchestre du Lion
LG Jazz Collective
Laurent Doumont & The Soul Counsellors
Le Sens du Désordre
MOBb (Men Only Big Band)
Michel Massot & Babelouze
Muze Jazz Orchestra
Nathalie Loriers 3 + Bert Joris + string quartet
Octet Red
Octurn (Bo Van der Werf)
Odyssey for friends
Opus AR Big Band
Orchestra Vivo !
Pierre Lognay - The New International Edition
Quintessence BigBand
Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra (Michel Debrulle / Michel Massot)
Shape Jazz Orchestra
Steve Houben & Michel Herr present "The Real sax section"
Sumari (flamencoJazz project)
Surprises du Chef
The Belgium Jazz Big Band
The Bones
The Jazz Station Big Band
The New Beat's Band
The Very Big Band
Tuesday Night Orchestra
Vansina Orchestra
Village Big Band (Mimi Verderame)
West Music Club (Leader : Richard Rousselet)
Yellow green big band
t-unit 7
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