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Web site Dedicated website
Michel Mast
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Mattias Laga - Clarinet, Bass clarinet    
Michel Mast - Tenor saxophone    
Pieter Baert - Piano    
Xavier Verhelst - Bass, Double bass, Composer    
Simon Raman - Drums    

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What's WoFo?
The melodic meanders and warm clarinet sound of Mattias Laga, the now honking, then lyrical tenor sax of Michel Mast, the refined harmonic sensitivity in Pieter Baert's piano playing, the diverse & colorful compositions of Xavier Verhelst or his guitaristic approach of the bass, the communicative energy and intuitive feel for the right sound in Simon Raman's drumming:
WOFO is more than just the sum of these elements; it's a tight band with it's own specific identity, sound, dynamism and style.

In 2008 a first album, "The Complete Ham Sessions" was acclaimed both by public and press. After the second cd "Tweedt" (2009), we kept counting and with "Bark!" nine new compositions of Xavier Verhelst are featured in which the sonic world of WOFO is further expanded.

In the mean time, the band acquired stage credibility playing in the hippest clubs and concert venues in Belgium and the Netherlands, at festivals as Jazz in 't Park Ghent, Paulusfeesten Ostend, ParkJazz Kortrijk (upcoming Côté Jardin & Gent Jazz) and sounds tighter than ever.

Alongside with the ‘plain vanilla’ repertoire, WOFO’s mission is also to present extended projects honoring the meaning of it’s acronym: with others for others.
- In 2009 vocalists Madiha Figuigui and Charlotte Vandermeersch joined WOFO to form “de Moederband” featuring Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater and original work by Tom Wouters, Peter Vermeersch, Kris De Baerdemacker and Xavier Verhelst.
- In 2011 WOFO sounded like a rock group with Dick Vanderharst on guitar and tible.
- In 2012 Jon Birdsong (cornet) joined the group to form an exact match of the “Raymond Scott Quintette” : The WOFO Sextette playing Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies & more. This program will be touring up till 2015.
- In 2013 : Xavier wrote a brand new program for WOFO & Strings with Cécile Broché, Stefaan Smagghe on violins and Eline Duerinck on 'cello, premiering on may 12th 2013.

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