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Walrus | (Toine Thys / Nicolas Kummert)
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Toine Thys - Saxophones    
Nicolas Kummert - Saxophones    
Nicolas Thys - Double bass    
Karl Jannuska (Can) - Drums    

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For the first time, the two young key figures of the tenor saxophone in Belgium, Toine Thys and Nicolas Kummert, unite their breath in a common project : WALRUS.

The particular instrumentation gives it a raw and powerful character, just as their homonymous marine.

The sounds of Nicolas and Toine sometimes blend in to one with the other, sometimes oppose, giving relief and an unique texture of their music.

With various original compositions from the four members of the group, they take the public in a trip made by surprises, humour and groove !

Thanks to the rhythmic section (Nicolas Thys on double bass and Karl Jannuska on drums), they play a music where energy and sublety come near.

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