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Wal House Of Jazz | (Richard Rousselet / Fabrice Alleman / Phil Abraham /...)
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Richard Rousselet
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Richard Rousselet - Trumpet    
Fabrice Alleman - Tenor saxophone    
Phil Abraham - Trombone    
Pascal Mohy - Piano    
Samuel Gerstmans - Double bass    
Xavier Rogé - Drums    

Texte également disponible en français 

Jean-Marie PETERKEN, the organizer of the famous annual "Jazz à Liège" festival, has put together a band that he would like to become an official Walloon jazz band, a subsidized entity which would in his mind present samples of the jazz talents from the French speaking part of Belgium.
The idea is to build up a band that could take different shapes and line-ups, around a core composed of the three established talents of Richard ROUSSELET (tp), Fabrice ALLEMAN (saxes) and Phil ABRAHAM (tb).

For their first appearance on May 9, 2003 at the "Jazz à Liège" festival (broadcasted and recorded by the Belgian RTBF radio), the rhythm section was composed of excellent young and promising talents : Pascal MOHY (piano), Samuel GERSTMANS (double bass) and Xavier ROGÉ (drums).

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